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Secure Identification

Security is most important. Don’t compromise when security counts.

Important documents such as national ID cards, driver’s licences or plastic cards with individual access control rights need to be specially secured. Card holders identify themselves by producing photos, fingerprints, barcodes, smart chips or RFID chips - definitely fraud resistant. Holograms and other security features further contribute to a high level of security.

All About Cards is your secure partner in all questions concerning fields of application and security features of your identification cards.

Personalise your secure ID cards with Zebra Card Printers or EDIsecure Re-transfer Card Printers. Depending on your requirements we recommend you the suitable card printer, e.g. the performance models of Zebra's performance card printers or the Zebra's security card printers for lamination and security printing of plastic cards and smart cards. ...not to forget - we help you getting the right plastic card fitting your security needs.

All About Cards - Competence in cards!