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Printing Student ID-Cards

Not everybody is allowed into the university’s or school's cafeteria or library. But it is very common that unauthorized persons grant themselves access, cause additional costs and make use of equipment that is only meant for enrolled students and pupils. Control IDs are more than wise in this case.

student identity plastic cardAnd they help students/pupils to get around the campus/school more easily.

Student IDs are generally personalized with photo, name, matriculation number or an electronic fingerprint. Encoding of student IDs can be made according to your wishes and security needs using dynamic or static methods.

We offer complete handling from data processing to card printing – in our usual quality.

Especially for ID-cards for schools, we offer you a whole package based on a software for school ID-cards.

ID-card for schoolPersonalize your ID cards with Zebra Card Printers or EDIsecure Re-transfer Card Printers. Depending on your requirements we recommend you the suitable card printer, e.g. the entry models Zebra's ZXP Series 1 or Zebra ZXP Series 3 or the Zebra ZXP Series 7 for field proven reliability and increased functionality. ...not to forget – we help you getting the right plastic card fitting your needs.

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