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Re-transfer printer XID 9300

Double sided retransfer card printer for middle-sized up to mass circulations with optional magnetic stripe encoding and/or encoding for contacted and contactless chip cards, security features as well as integrated network capability.

Re-transfer printer XID 9300Fast, Powerful and Reliable

With 120 cards per hour the XID 9300 is one of the fastest retransfer printers and offers the largest ribbon capacity in the market with 1000 prints per ribbon and retransfer film. In addition the Retransfer Printer XID 9300 includes a ribbon low notification, which informs the user automatically when the ribbon is at less then 2%.The then required change of the consumable supplies is easy thanks to magazines indicated in color and the automatic ribbon detection and print driver configuration.

Moreover the Admin-Center-Software of the XID 9300 allows printing presets of diverse card types and the pre-selection of five different card profiles. To prevent counterfeiting and to avoid the misuse of personal information, used ribbons are obliterated during print.

Unlimited Expandabilty

The Edisecure 9300 is a Retransfer- Printer for professional, high-quality ID card printing. The EIP(Enhanced Image Processing) allows an even better print optimization and achieves print results close to offset printing quality.The XID Retransfer Printers were designed for industrial use and are expandable with encoder- or lamination modules. Specific advantage of the XID 9330 printers is the unlimited expandability in order to get a superior model, whereby you ensure your investment, keeping full flexibility.

More Security at ID card Printing

The XID 9300 was designed for safe ID card printing. The printer includes several features to ensure your ID application and supplies are safe. Thus the XID 9300 offers the dye-sublimation UV ink ribbon for invisible security printing, IPSEC for encrypted data transfer through networks, and Security Erase of black data on used supplies to prevent counterfeiting and to avoid the misuse of personal information. All cards and ribbons are secured by the use of an electronic security lock. In addition, all ID cards can be created forgeable and durable, by the use of laminations and holograms.

Easy Network Integration

New about the EDIsecure Retransfer-Printer XID 9300 is the integrated USB- and Ethernet interface, for easy network integration.