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Plastic Cards

We produce plastic cards, magnetic stripe cards and chip cards for the use as loyalty cards, member cards, cards for time tracking and access control. You can have them with all current types of chips, blank or pre-printed, personalized and encoded.

All about card printing

Our portfolio, FAQs about card printing, info about printing technologies ... more


Plastic cards with technologies

Chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, hybrid cards, plastic cards with barcode ... more



Plastic cards with RFID-technology, RFID-keyfobs, custom made RFID-shapes ... more



Plastic cards with structure and fragrance, transparent or metal cards, eco-friendly cards ... more


Special shaped cards

Oversized plastic cards, cards in a three piece keytag, cards in funny shapes ... more


Finishing of plastic cards

Plastic cards with hotstamp, UV-varnish, embossing, hologram ... more


Personalization of plastic cards

Personalization with barcode, data and pictures, embossing, scratch-off panel ... more


Packaging for plastic cards

Simple folded cards for gift cards, exclusive boxes for customer cards, beautiful cards carriers for voucher cards ... more


Supplies for plastic cards

Lanyards, jojos, holders, clips ... more